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Sujeto coup, he takes fire at his former partner and runs away

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Without forgetting to reconcile with his former partner, he killed her and left her living inside a hot house Gustavo A. Maderofor which agents of the General Tax of Justice of the City of Mexico you will find them in your search.

They happened last December 7th, when Agustin “N” cared for at the home he shared with Karina “F”I had a romantic relationship with him for four years and she had decided to end it by suffering domestic violence.

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According to several witnesses, Karina supported the decision to separate from her father of five years hijosthe one who defused the fury of the victim, who hit her, gave her alcohol and subsequently took her fire.

Due to the pregnancy of the quemaduras who suffered, Karina was transferred to the hospital of The Villatherefore you will be referred to the hospital Rubén Leñerowhere he remained for several days hoping to find a place to be treated.

Your family members say that Karina loves it quemaduras of the second and third degree, some of them in the 90th century of their beak, but also small and thick, so that at the moment they are reported as serious. Health authorities have indicated that starting from this December 13th there will be action to apply inserts in the most affected parts.

The attacker has criminal antecedents

Information from the authorities states that Agustín “N”, Karina’s alleged attacker, tells you with two entrances to the Varonil Norte prisonwhere he was sent for the crimes of robo and extortion.

“I invite citizens to promptly locate this item that ya hizo daño and can follow by doing. He is a man without entrances, because I think he is also attenó Stop with the kids drinking alcohol,” declared Juan Bosco, the victim’s abuser, to a reporter from N+.

The alleged aggressor is told with two entrances to the Varonil Norte prison. Photo: Captura de pantalla

There family I also ask you to ensure that no images of the children of Karinait may be one of the pleasantries he had for Agustín “N” who was to attack the younger men as soon as possible.

Hasta el momento siguen las investitorias para dar con el paradero del aggressoralthough it is unknown where one could get the sound.

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