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Sujeto con frío use thinner to start a fire, explota and finish envuelto en lamas

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Sujetos with frio they decided to take one caldera inside your work, with the aim of calming down the stability a little and being able to continue with your work without being exhausted at the minimum temperatures who could provoke them one sickone hypothermia or hasta la deadbut these things came out of control.

In the video you can see that a sujeto in the lower esquina is larger than a cube and is placed inside a container, where now you know, it has a little bit of fuego to give yourself something heat, the environment was quite cool. Regrettably, nothing went up as expected.

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Sufried quemadoras of second and third degree; the man still plays for his life in the hospital. Credit: X

Sujeto with cold tries to take fire to heat up and ends up incinerated

Middle locals informed that it was about paint thinnerreason why the caldera exploto immediately, but the outside was as big as the sujeto if it caught fire complete and went up running for everything taller, asking for help to save your life. The camera picks up when she pulls to the floor and tries to take turns.

Acuerdo with the middle finger Viral news, everything happened in the Maltepe Cevizli district of Istanbul, Turkey. Inside the taller, his companions tried to protect him, but they couldn’t. extinguish the llamas and better calls to the services of emergenciesincluding the bombers, as well as the police.

When they arrived in the area, they were lograded calm the fire, but it was very late to avoid big quemaduras. I learned from the paramedics quemaduras de third degree in the skin, reason for which he was transported to the hospital, but continues to strive for his life, where in cases six days of having happened.

I used paint thinner. Credit: X

What can you do if you’re very cool and don’t want to get hot?

If you keep yourself very cold, you can try other things before trying to exploit a boiler due to the bad handling of a chemical substance. For example, you can opt for one calefaction that you connect to the light or dress up with lots of clotheswith the aim of acclimating much more quickly than with just one step.

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Do not opt ​​to use double socks as they may block blood circulation, and do not forget to be very well protected by the beak, head, hands and ears. Use gloves, gorros, bufandas and if necessary, a good few hours to stop the cold.

You can also find fruits and vegetables containing vitamin C such as naranja, lemon, guayaba, fresas, ciruelas. When talking about food, do not forget to take in a lot of water, preferably at the same time, including hot liquids to maintain your body temperature.

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