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Sujeto balea a man to park in front of his house

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Let’s discuss why a man has been parked in front of his home disappeared at least on three occasions against his neighbor, in the colony New Hopes of the port of Veracruz.

De acuerdo con el reporte de la Policía Municipal, el retired soldier Tolentino “N”, annoying because his old man, identified as Ricardo, 22 years old, was parked in front of his home, started to claim them.

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The discussion took a turn for the worse and, presumably, was addressed with a machete for the young, who works there Federal Electricity CompanyTolentino desensitized a firearm, asestárle three shots.

Soon after, Ricardo was transferred by his family to a hospital they seek, where they lost their life because of a shot they took in their heart. At the same time, Tolentino “N” was captured by local authorities in a brief persecution.

There are two rings between both

I learned with the first investigative investigations carried out by the General Tax of Justice of VeracruzThis was the last episode of a series of incidents between the attacker and his victim, who were discussed daily.

The authorities reported that the alleged person responsible for the attack, over the past 2 months, was presented before the Ministerio Público to determine your responsibility for certain crimes.

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