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Suben the tamal cakes: it’s 70 for hundreds more dear than two years ago

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The diversity of a country is due to the variety and diversity of its food, so that the city of Mexico comes together by celebrating the month of February with the familiar celebration of “Candelaria Day” and, with him, the tasting of the typical dish for excellence Chilanga: the tamales and the atole.

Besides tradition and folklore, tamales form part of the diet of economically active population from the capital, the one who goes up from the house to work every day and is emptied to come to the street, but the times do not allow her to return home and turn to work.

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Shops avoid food inflation, insecurity and prohibitions

Economic breach for education

A study of the Alianza Nacional de Pequeños Comerciantes (ANPEC) revealed that the price of the antojitos callejeros such as tacos, cakes, quesadillas and tamales has increased by 70%. That’s why in El Heraldo Digital we show ourselves the task of investigating how much a classic tamal cake in Mexico looks like and what are the factors that cause it.

Table of increases in the prices of the ancient streets
Photo: ANPEC

Tamales, an antojo that goes to the top this 2024

Los tamales han tenido un increase de hasta 8 pesos in the last three years. As he confirmed it in an interview with El Heraldo Digital, Cuauhtémoc Rivera, president of the Alianza Nacional de Pequeños Comerciantes (ANPEC). He said that this is due to different factors, such as the imports of corn and wheat from the United States, until now following are the agricultural sector and they have recovered their things.

He explained that before the COVID-19 pandemic, in 2020, a tamal had an average price of 12 pesos, and by 2023, the price of the platillo if it comes within 20 pesos, That is to say, if there was an increase of 66.67%, it represented a considerable coup to the popular economy.

The unit price from 2020 to 2023 received an increase of 8 pesos.
Photo: Cuartoscuro

On the other hand, when we talk about the famous “guajolota”, the increase in price is even greater. Let us explain that the price of the tamal cake depends on the site where it is customary to consume it, without embargo, the most economical option lies at 18 and the highest is 30 pesos.

In the last six months, the tamal cake has increased by 2 pesos, giving us as an average price of 25 pesos. This summary to which the boiling plate also suffered a raise, going from 2.50 to 3.50 pesos.

The tamal cake is part of the capital’s diet
Photo: Cuartoscuro

External factors of the lift: insecurity and sequía

“The response to why we import corn grain is because Mexico is not producing enough and this is due to the failure of a consolidated agricultural policy that helps newspapers in an integral way,” declared Rivera

Another factor that contributes to the increase in price in matters of concern and crime is insecurity, the president of ANPEC assures that the criminal groups have been arrested to the extreme of being cooked to appear and taste, This is added to the water line due to the sequia.

The green hoja tamal has a high cost for its size and quality
Photo: Cuartoscuro

The economic food for this Candelaria Day, based on market studies carried out by ANPEC, and based in a family of 10 memberswhich consumes 20 large tamales (2 per person with plátano hoja) or 40 small tamales (with corn hoja), 3 liters of champagne and two 2 liter and medium refreshments, will cost 716 pesos, it is said, a 15% increase.

Compared to 2022 and 2023, the same proportion of tamales and toles came in at a price of 558 and 687 pesos respectively.

Basic Canasta 2024, the most sought-after products

Rivera comments that the federal government’s anti-inflation plan was based on the same inflation, which during the last month of November saw an increase of 4.32%. Therefore the estimates indicate that you will experience an inflationary burbuja phenomenon for up to 6 months more. Following the organization, the initial price of the Canasta Basic Alimentaria (CBA) was 795.90 million pesos, an average increase of 20.32 pesos.

The basic sample analyzed by ANPEC is made up of 44 products. The ones that most increased in price were:

An inflationary surge phenomenon is estimated to last 6 months or more.
Photo: Cuartoscuro

  • Sal de mesa with 6.27% is decided, went from 18.14 to 19.28 pesos.
  • El azúcar with 6.33%. Citizens paid between 36.97 and 39.31 pesos.
  • Slowly with a 7.73%, according to us, consumers went from 34.36 to 37.02 pesos.
  • Cafe soluble with 8.10%. The cost ranged from 108.50 to 117.29 pesos.
  • The bubble with 22.94%, it is said, went from 25.40 to 31.33 pesos.

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