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Students test their vehicles in Querétaro, there is a death and three grave deaths

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The director of the Coordination of Civil Protection of El MarquésAlejandro Vázquez Mellado, reported about a serious accident that occurred in this medium in the mediation of Ciudad MaderasQuerétaro specifically about Prolongación Constituyentes a la altura de Innova Schools. Following the report received at 11:47 am, the incident involved four students of the UCO Mondragon and resulted in a subsequent fire.

In the first report, the presence of two victims was mentioned. However, through the call of the Civil Protection units of El Marqués, the failure of one of the youngsters (15 years old) was confirmed and three of his companions who were injured and were requested to be moved. Some of them were classified as red code, it is said, in a serious but stable state.

Rescatan al superviente del vehículo Photo: Special

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A young girl was transported there helicopter (air ambulance) al Hospital Ángeles Surwhile others of their companions were transferred across the country to the Star Medical Hospital with support from the paramedics of the Centro de Regulación de Urgencias Médicas (CRUM). The third young man, classified as the Amarillo code, was also taken to the Star Medical Hospital by an ambulance of the Civil Protection of El Marqués.

Stop the fire that caused the car Photo: Special

Vehicle has excess speed

This regrettable happened wrapped up four younger young adults, (15 years) all students of the UCO Mondragón. The expert services carried out the necessary diligence for the rescue and recovery of the body of the injured youth. For reasons of safety, the road in the eastern direction remained closed for approximately three hours until the rescue operations were completed.

The vehicle driven at excessive speed hit three physical objects (public street lights), resulting in loss of control and rear elevation of the chimney and finally fire in the unit.

Vázquez Mellado emphasized the importance of driving with caution and avoiding excess speed, as well as the consumption of substances that can affect the ability to handle. He also recorded the importance of allowing emergency vehicles to pass and keeping themselves alert to emergency situations on the road. The investigation into the exact circumstances of the accident continues, and we hope to have more information in the next few hours.


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