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Storm – Inspirational Story

Storm – Inspirational Story

A girl was driving a car and her father was sitting nearby. A fierce storm came on the way and the girl asked the father – what should we do now?

The father replied – keep driving the car. It was becoming very difficult to drive the car in the storm and the storm was getting worse.

what do I do now ? The girl asked again.

Keep driving the car. Father said again. After going a little further, the girl saw that many vehicles were stopped on the way due to the storm.

He again told his father – I should stop the car. I can hardly see. It’s awful and everyone has stopped their vehicle.

His father directed again – don’t stop the car. Just keep driving.

Now the storm had taken a very terrible form, but the girl did not stop driving the car and suddenly she saw that something was clearly visible. After going a few kilometers ahead, the girl saw that the storm had stopped and the sun came out. Now his father said – now you can stop the car and come out.

The girl asked – but why now?

The father said – when you come out, you will see that those who stopped in the way are still trapped in the storm. Since you didn’t give up trying to drive the car, you’re out of the storm.

Storm – Inspirational Story Moral: This anecdote is a testament to those who are going through difficult times. Even the strongest of people give up trying. But the effort should never be given up. Surely the difficult times of life will pass and the brightness like the morning sun will come again in your life!



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