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Step by step: how was the harassment between the peasants and the Michoacan family in Texas

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Pobladores de Texcaltitlan they confronted my friends from there Family Michoacana who attempt to extort them and cobrarl them on the spot, in accordance with the information of the Secretaría de Seguridadana Ciudadana del Estado de México; As a result, 14 people lost their lives, among 3 citizens and 11 members of the criminal group.

There General Tax of Justice of Edomexagreed that among the deceased, the death of Rigoberto, alias “El Payaso“, as the leader of the cell knows them La Familia Michoacana who operated in the area. Por lo anterior, SedenaThe National Guard and local agents moved to the area to safeguard the lives of the elderly.

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Here is “El Payaso”, a criminal leader allegedly implicated in the Texcaltitlán crime scene

Where is Texcaltitlán, municipality where people confronted a criminal group?

Delfina Gómez announced the strengthening of security. Credit: Gerardo García

Step by step: how was the enforcement, to follow up with the investigations with the Security Secretariat

In conference of taking, security authorities of State of Mexicocommanded by the governor Delfina Gómezthey were given to know the time line of the people who arose in the brakingperhaps a day before, on December 7th, I reported and spoke on the extortion against the peasants.

June 7th December:

  • 11:00 am – Sedena receives a complaint about the various weapons of the Michoacan family that were carried out by delegates of Villa Guerrero. In an operative they went to battle with these people, and they ordered large weapons of high power such as Barret, caliber 50, among others.
  • 17:00 hours – Report the kid in San Mateo Coapexco in Villa Guerrero. The Sedena and the SS of Edomex identified effective money collection and identified people who carried out such activities against citizens.
Federal authorities strengthened security and controlled the conflict zone. Credit: Cuartoscuro

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HARMFUL IMAGES: how was the brawl in Texaltitlán

Come 8 December:

12.14pm – Alertaron at C5 and call 911 on detonations in a local primary school Texcaltitlan. The managers iban in one Ford Lobo. A second call informed them that they had one braking against the Family Michoacana.

2.50 pm – Start one investigation carpet After 5 people entered a hospital, two of them were extradited by criminals.

15:20 hours – Llegó the SSC of Edomex, the National GuardSedena y Tax To locate an emergency, the safety precaution must be taken to convey it to a person.

3.55pm – Llegaron paramedics to transfer to a person with fire injuries.

17:00 hours – Displacement occurred drones, canine combinations y of C5 to toast apoyo a la population. They ensured the entire location braking

18:50 hours – Localizaron más cuerpos sin vida in the area of braking.

19:00 hours – Installation once mesa de crisis in the C5 with the authorities of the state and the federation for the follow-up of the hechos.

9.51 pm – Report to 911 regarding possible reunion of the members of the Family Michoacana reagrupándose, but when going to the area no hallaron of the meeting. If you deactivate the risk alert.

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