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Stay with the garrapatas! Detect spotted fibers on the north front, what are the symptoms?

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The authorities of United States they issued an alert to travelers who entered the country via the border with Mexico. After checking with health reports, the brood of one was detected sick send for the picadura of one garrapata among people coming from Baja California.

Follow the reports received by him Centers for the Control and Prevention of Diseases (CDC) has seen an increase in positive cases maculosa fibres de las montañas Rocosas (RMSF, por sus acronyms in English), an occasional illness due to the picadura of garrapatas.

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If you have seen an increase in positive cases in fiebre maculosa de las montañas Rocosas (RMSF). Photo: special.

Alert by illness transmitida by garrapatas

Apparently the infected people have traveled from Baja California to United Statesso that the health authorities appeal to tourists and residents create studies and monitor your health in case of using the frontera with Mexico, since the RMSF can be mortal if it is not treated in the appropriate form; In this sense, the CDC informs people who present symptoms attend to the doctor as ready as possible.

Please mention that, having read the CDC data, it is not a new one sickthat every year this type of case is detected among tourists and residents of United States who cross the border with Mexico, particularly among people coming from states like Baja California, SoundChihuahua, Coahuila and New Leon.

No, this is a new illness. Photo: special.

What is spotted fiber and how is it treated?

The CDC explains that the RMSF is one sick bacteria that spreads through the picaduras of garrapatas infected. The majority of people who contract fibre manchada de las Montañas Rocosas present fibre, soreness of the head and numbness. Also, please note that this illness can be fatal if it is not treated at its initial stage with the correct antibiotic.

To avoid getting infected by this sickIf you are talking to tourists, avoid contact with them garrapatasIf you do not go to places where you know that these insects exist, it is also advisable to avoid wooded areas and very dirty vegetation, with high food and low temperatures.

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