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SSPC Report: The 4T Reckless 65% More Arms During AMLO’s Government

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In the last five years, the Federal Governmentwith el apoyo de la National Guard, he logrado incautar 47 mil 481 firearms, what represents 65 for a hundred more than in the administration of Enrique Pena Nietomade with an informal letter from the Secretaría de Seguridad y Protección Ciudadana a la Cámara de Diputados.

The federal dependency indicated that, in the case of high-power weapons that carry the hands of members of the cartels, binational actions have been agreed upon that consider the use of technology and joint operations on the front lines, as well as revoking their licenses weapons dealers who participate in criminal acts or contribute to this traffic.

They have also ensured more 7.9 tons of fentanyl, 401% additional to the previous government and more than 536 tons of methamphetamine, 394% higher than reported in the country’s administration, with an impact on the economy of the criminal groups of two billion pesos.

The SSPC indicates that currently the National Guard has more than 128 million elements, of which more than 100 million are deployed throughout the national territory to be implemented directly in the communities.

It indicates that GN has gained the confidence of 76.9% of the population, but also of the state, municipal and local authorities, who constantly solicit their presence to address the problem of insecurity in their regions.

Furthermore, 81,702 criminals have been detained, 133% more than in the previous government, of which four, 503 million are targets generating violence among all criminal groups. Among the captives is Juan Carlos Pizano Ornelas, alias El CR, member of the Cártel Jalisco Nueva Generación, reported as the alleged person responsible for the kidnapping of the coroner José Isidro Grimaldo who happened for a year ago.

El Tony Montana, hermano de El Mencho; El Gatillero, head of the hit men and operator of the Gulf Cartel; to Ana Lilia La Contadora, linked to the trafficking of drugs, migrant trafficking, hydrocarbons and cargo transport. From the Sinaloa Cartel they reported to Néstor Isidro, alias El Nini, security officer of Los Chapitos, accused of murder and fentanyl trafficking.

Morena in the Chamber of Deputies will present an initiative to correct the situation of the National Guard, where the Court stated that the corporation falls to the ranks of the Secretaría de la Defense Nacional.


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