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Sonora: there are 4 people living within a municipal police

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This morning, one of the elements of the Ministerial Criminal Investigation Agency (AMIC) was attacked Ciudad ObregonSonora, those who repelieron the attack logrando abatir a tres presumes delincuentesalthough an element of the Municipal Police I lost my life in succession of these hechos.

The agents of the AMIC, a corporation pertaining to the General Tax of Justice of the State (FGJE) are headed to the city of Hermosillo and at 10:00 am, they drove to the hill in the city of Obregón, where they took another vehicle with their weapons that would lead to fire against their uniforms.

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Follow the report Fiscalía de Sonorathe officers responded with their cargo weapons and at this moment a persecution began which ended in the mediations of the Calles Effective Sufragio and Cananea, from which the armed brawling continued.

In this place they neutralized three people, members of the gang criminal who started the attack, además, ahí mismo turned out to be a municipal official herido from the grave who was transferred to a local hospital, however fallicio in the fireplace.

Here, if I started one persecution in which the vehicles of the agents received impacts due to fire weapon of fire, so that by using their cargo weapons they repelled the attack, neutralizing three people in the middle of the streets Sufragio Efectivo and Cananea.

The attackers’ vehicle at this time is being processed by Special Services personnel and there are fire weapons located inside it. Meanwhile, the owners of the central homicides and the specialized services will begin the legal investigations.

Asesinan a hombre en pleno bulevar de Hermosillo

On the other hand, on the morning of this Saturday, a man was also astonished, aboard his vehicle, while he was high at the traffic light of the Rodríguez y Luis Encinas streets, the most important crossroads in the city of Hermosillo.

The man drove a truck and when he arrived at this crossroads he was confronted by a man on a motorbike who disappeared on four occasions against the driver, leaving him alive in that same place, then passing through the area with an unfamiliar rumble.

The area was cordoned off and elements of the Sonoran Tax Department were brought in and those who opened the investigation carpet for the crime of homicide.


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