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Sonora: more than 32 million kilos of drugs and chemical precursors are secured in the largest clandestine laboratory in the country

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Elements of the armed forces and state authorities dismantled the largest clandestine laboratory in the country, in the state of Sonora, where more than 80 million kilos of chemicals and methamphetamines, 72 reactors, 102 condensers and 32 centrifuges were decommissioned, all listed to produce more of a thousand doses of drugs.

The laboratory is located in the vicinity of the community of Rancho Viejo, in the municipality of Quiriego, which is approximately 76 kilometers from Ciudad Obregón, located in southern Sonora.

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There were several miles of kilos in drugs. PHOTO: Gob. Sound

Desmantelan the largest narcolaboratory in Mexico

It was February 08 when elements of the Navy Secretariat, with support from naval intelligence, located this laboratory and together with elements of the Mexican Army and state authorities, the assurance and dismantling of the laboratory was carried out. La Sedena informed that it was necessary to ensure the following:

  • 35 mil 250 kilograms of finished product.
  • Five million 705 kilograms of chemical substances with the capacity to produce 50 million doses of methamphetamine.
  • Chemical precursors.
  • Materials necessary for manufacturing them.
It is the largest clandestine laboratory in the country. PHOTO: Gob. Sound.

The coup against the narco resulted in 700 million dollars

In total, it is estimated that the organized crime coup carried out in this operation would amount to one 700 million dollars, due to the secured material and the profits that could be obtained, and which had the capacity to produce and distribute a thousand thousand doses of different types chemical drugs.

The previous largest clandestine laboratory has been located and dismantled in Sinaloa, and has 13 reactors, it is clear that the Sonora laboratory is five times larger.

The laboratory was destroyed. PHOTO: Gob. Sound.

Alfonso Durazo: this drug will not be sold on the market

The governor of Sonora, Alfonso Durazo, highlighted the importance of this operation and the priority that represents the security of citizens and highlighted the work carried out in conjunction with the three government orders.

“My priority is the safety of the noise and sound sources. Thanks to the work of the three government orders, we have achieved an important achievement of a narcotics laboratory for a value greater than 700 million dollars. We are avoiding that more than a thousand 23 million doses of drugs on the market. By preventing the distribution of this drug, we contribute to reducing the trends of consumption, especially among young people”.

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