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So they are the container houses that you can buy in Ikea for less than 900 million pesos

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What comes to mind when thinking about marine containers? Strictly in those structures that they transport merchandise across boats or trains. However, a trend that has come for the next few years is to use these monumental structures as living. As you see it, you can currently live in a container for a short period of time. To continue you will find tenths of all the details.

These items have become quite popular in the last few months mainly due to their low price and ease of installation, but even the most hogar purists associate them with comfort flap. What is real is that it could function as an alternative for those people who decide to live alone.

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In a surprising but innovative way, the multinational IKEA, In addition to selling products for the home, there is also a way to go around the world of containing houses to appeal to a young public who wants to have their own property before the real estate crisis.

The bathroom of a container house
Photo: IKEA

How is it a “container house” and what is the price

On the official IKEA website, they have set up a blog of sorts showing the model they have on display for their customers. If it is a house made up of containers for sole use 47 million 550 dollars, That is, approximately 900 million Mexican pesos.

“With just 25 m², these modular homes combine efficiency with comfort, allowing the maximization of each square centimeter without sacrificing either comfort or functionality”, as read on the web page

In the working space, these houses are for people who live alone
Photo: IKEA

Following the multinational, the houses stand out for having an intelligent design that includes stands, cajoneras and furniture focused on angular spaces, as well as as versatile as counters and stools. The vertical storage box guarantees quick access with everything you belong.

Where to place a container house

Compared to the parades, this type of house allows you to place complements such as madeira tables, plants and utensils. The camera is specifically designed to accommodate the space, allowing you to look at items that take up a lot of volume. Lastly, one of the twenty keys to these structures is flexible enough to choose the residential surroundings.

Allow the buyer to explore spaces, since they are not confined to specific streets or neighborhoods. In addition, many users of social networks have pointed out that it is an ideal option to find naturalness and place them in open sites, look for flora and fauna.

A space is suitable for both recreation and relaxation
Photo: IKEA

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