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so a CDMX microseism occurred after a tenth of Mixcoac

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This December 12th, the celebrations for the Día de la Virgen de Guadalupe they were accompanied by three microseism en la City of Mexico (CDMX). Until now, fortunately the government of the country’s capital is dominated by Martí Batres Guadarrama declared white balance for telephone movements. Without embargo, different inhabitants of Mixcoac they shared how they lived in the moment and even some of the affections that they suffered in their homes.

Let us record that this morning’s earthquakes were at the epicenter of the demarcation Álvaro Obregón. Precisely for this reason, it was not activated Mexican Earthquake Warning System (SASMEX), as it was the same population that was involved in reporting the news.

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VIDEOS: how microseisms are experienced in the CDMX

MAP of MICROSISMOS in CDMX: areas where they are most strongly felt

How do you experience microseisms in Mixcoac?

Through social networks, distinguished users have shared a series of snapshots of the moment in which the microseisms of this Tuesday occurred. On the digital temblores from a tenth pitch. And it was that in just 14 seconds it was possible to observe the great speed in which he attempted to move an ornament of the living equipment.

As this user shared his experience while rolling the phones, there are also other people who posted images and videos of the effects that made the phone movements. One of the most frequent reports was the presence of an escombro and a cry in the colony Mixcoac.

As part of the damage reports, some old people were also subjected to the red photographs that highlighted certain things that derailed them microseism en the CDMX. In the images you can often see certain sorrows on the walls and on the screen, as well as the loss of part of the materials.

Following the microseisms, some complaints have been reported in Mixcoac. Credits:X/@_aalvarado.

When and where did the microseisms of this December 12th strike?

De acuerdo con la Secretaría de Management Integral de Riesgos y Protección Civil (SGIRPC), los microseism which generated impact this Tuesday 12th December, were struck at various points of the City of Mexico. Especially in the clubs Álvaro Obregón, Benito Juárez as well as Miguel Hidalgo were recorded with just one minute of difference:

  • The first one occurred at 11:06 am with a magnitude of 2.8
  • The next one occurred at 11:07 am with a magnitude of 3.0
  • The third one occurred at 11:08 with a magnitude of 2.4

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