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She was raped by her husband and when she was married to her 2 boys, she received a posthumous card

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In Argentina, Nadia Fucilieri I had a nervous crisis that brought her to atacar to sus hijos From 2 to 4 years old while they were asleep, they heard a report from the Domestic Violence Office (OVD) in Tucumán and were given a report on a case of home invasion.

At the end of the interview, Nadia went to a pharmacy to buy something scalpel which was the weapon with the one who was to attack his two older children. When she went to her house, everything passed normally and the adults went to sleep, but the woman decided to come to her double crime.

Nadia was perpetually seventeen. Photo: Gustavo Morales / TN

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Why did Nadia Fucilieri end up with 2 men?

Nadia took the scalpel and went to the house where the children slept, Pia aged 2 and Marcelino aged 4. While the younger men were in the house, the woman lasted them in the chest with the weapon until they lost their life. The crime occurred on October 4, 2017, until the end of the week, the woman who was detained finally received sentence.

The abogado of Nadia, Gustavo Moraleshe recorded that his client did not remember any of the double crime, and emphasized that he was dealing with a psychotic brother due to who suffered from gender violence by his husband Aldo Martinez and his children’s father, indicated the jurisprudence for TN.

“Nadia went through all the ways of gender violence: physical, psychological, economic and sexual. She is absolutely unaware of what she is, she is a psychotic brother”: Gustavo Morales.

Nadia Fucilieri had a nervous crisis. Photo: TN

What was the card that Nadia wanted to pass on to her children?

Among the asesinated, Nadia wrote a paper from which God to know the reason why he attacked his two younger children of age, whose responsibility was placed on her father Aldo, and who felt that she was raped by him, as she emphasized it on abogado:

“Hijo de p***, now go to hear culpa… Go to pay for every drop of blood of your hijos”. Nadia Fucilieri.

Before knowing the sentence, Nadia was in house arrest in the home of one of her parents, as she was during the last three years, during this period she received psychological assistance from the psychologist Teresa Fernández. “I took interviews from two to four hours, where Fernández used distinct techniques to determine whether Nadia was lying or telling a story, and she didn’t do it,” he said.

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