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She is María Fernanda, the woman who faced a tiburon and died to save her son

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The morning of this Saturday, December 2nd, featured something that generated great consternation among the visitors of Melaque Bay located in the municipality of Cihuatlán in the state of Jalisco. And that’s one woman I lost my life after being the victim of someone ataque for a tiburon on the beaches. However, previous moments have been saved hijo of five years.

The name of the woman which was attacked by the tiburon is María Fernanda Martínez Jiménez and there was a mistake where the marine animal left her struggling to find a stone and regrettably landed in the middle of the sea, generating a wave of panic. But, where is this and what is his story? We count you.

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Tiburón attacked and gave birth to a young girl in the beaches of Melaque, Jalisco

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Who is María Fernanda, the woman who ran to a tiburon to save her son?

The youth was Licenciada en Biología Marina. Credits: Facebook/La Razón Vallarta.

I understand with information that is shared in social circles, María Fernanda Martínez Jiménez He was born on May 24, 1997, so he was currently 26 years old. She was Licenciada en Biología Marina, graduate of the Centro Universitario de la Costa Sur.

After the regrettable happened, your family members and those who asked you asked altar in his honor in the middle of the beach. Meanwhile, they organized a shipment to the location Aguacate belonging to the municipality of CihuatlánJalisco to recognize and record it.

How did they look at those things that María saved for her son?

The young man fell asleep when he was submerged in the sea. Credits: Facebook/
Without Censorship Cihuatlan.

Wait until the moment if you know that Maria Fernanda if encountered on the beaches of Melaque Bay enjoying with just five years of age. After all, when he was the victim of the attack of the tiburón he met the elder 20 meters from the edge of the sea and he tried to get up hijo until an incredible time you will be surprised by the mammal.

According to the local media report, what happened next was that the tiburón I gave them a pierna Maria Fernanda and I submerged it in it Tue. Due to this situation, the woman lost her strength and suffered due to the fact that she was drowned in the body of water. Posteriorly, when up body it was recovered, you didn’t have any vital signs.

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