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SEP: the schools will be as they know thanks to this reform by the Law

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The Mexican Senate unanimously approved a new reform to the General Law of Education which will always change the form as it is food los niños inside the las schoolsNow, the SEP will be subject to minutes that try to prevent the wind, following the promotion of foods or drinks that are not aligned with the new criteria that seek to eliminate it nutrition chatarra.

This is the “Project of the Decree to reform, add and derogate different provisions of the General Law of Education, in the matter of healthy food en las schools“, the same thing that is now known in Mexico as the first places in the world in childhood obesity.

The Mexican Senate unanimously approved a new reform to the General Law of Education. Credit: Cuartoscuro

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The Senate seeks to eliminate childhood obesity outside of school

For this reason, try to encourage a healthy diet from school with less sugary drinks, botanicals, among other products that can affect you. For that matter, they give you the responsibility Secretariat of Public Education to create lines for the preparation and expenditure of food and drinks inside your plants.

From there, these lines will tend to be balanced with the nutritional criteria of the Health Secretaryincluded in the Ley General de Salud, and they will be updated for at least every five years. Anything else, they can definitely be banned from the market publicity de foods or drinks with bajo value nutritional.

In this sense, they will agree with the management of the plants and the authorities who will be responsible for the application and supervision of the provisions, but the health authorities will also have it, as they will tend to the faculty of sancionar el incumplimiento of this.

Try to reverse childhood obesity in Mexico. Credit: Cuartoscuro

The Senate has launched an initiative to reverse childhood obesity

The vote took place on the 8th of November in the Senate. In total, if accounted for 88 votes in favour of the initiative, there were against and there were abstentions, why it was turned. Only Senator José Erandi Bermúdez and Senator María Guadalupe Saldaña were ausente of the same.

This law will come into force on the following day of its publication in the country Official diary of the federation y la SEP It will take 180 days to publish them general lines for the expense and distribution of food or drinks prepared and processed inside your plants.

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