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Sentence to gang of kidnappers for 180 years of prison

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A gang of kidnappers received a new prison sentence for having been found guilty of a crime committed in 2020 against three persons, reported to the General Fiscalía de Justice of the State of Mexico.

According to the investigations carried out by the Mexican authorities, Paulina de Jesús Araujo, René de Jesús Araujo, Héctor Gibrán Cruz Victoria, Edgar Yair Rangel Colín and Omar Alfonso Solís Vieyra, were responsible for the kidnapping of three people in this case Metepec.

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“On February 23, 2020, the three victims went up to a shopping plaza located in the municipality of Metepec to go to a bar, located on Alfredo del Mazo avenue, in Tolucawhere they were deprived of their freedom, for various hours, for their current sentences.

“The implicated people spoke to the victims of money, cell phones and friends; now more late the liberaron”, detailed the General Tax of Justice of the Mexican State via a press release.

They are sentenced to 180 years of prison

To meet those responsible for the express secuestro For these three people, the Mexican judicial authorities decided to impose on them a sentence of 180 years of prison, as well as a fine of one thousand 300 million pesos and 147 million additional pesos as compensation for the damage.

This punishment comes from a previous one, dictated in 2022, of 60 years of prison, which was imposed on the declared person blameable of the kidnapping of other people, carried out in August 2020.

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