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Secuestran y asesinan three members of a musical group in Ensenada

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Integrants of the northern group “Rivales del Norte“They were brutally tortured after being deprived of their freedom at the start of a fiesta in the Ojos Negros community in the municipality of Ensenada, Baja California.

According to the police report, the entry of four living men was recorded in a terraced fireplace leading to the ranch San Juanin the delegation of Real del Castillo.

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The bodies in life correspond to three musicians, identified as Alan Herrera Beltrán, Cesareo Niebla y Patricio Nieblaas well as another man who is said to have disappeared, who supposedly met at the party that took place at the end of the night of the game.

According to periodical information, the hearts in the life of the men, who will participate in a private presentation in the Sierra de Juárezpresenting torture marks, as three of them were met with hoods.

Authorities announce investigation

In respecto, the fiscal General of the State, María Elena Andrade Ramírezinformed that the investigation into the murders is underway, keeping clear lines in the investigation that anticipate a timely disclosure of this person.

The owner of FGE confirmed that the bodies in existence were located on a terrace fireplace in the relevant area, the transaction that was carried out was carried out via a report to the Ensenadense municipal corporation.

Local groups lamented the death of musicians. Photo: Special

“For some publications in the medium, we say that these people integrate a musical group so that, as authorized, we must undertake a thorough investigation and carry out all the lines of investigationexcept what they keep in touch with the relationships that derive from their work activities.

“Our expert team will take care of everything indices necessary on the ground and we are working with speed, because we will not allow impunity, nor the violenceif they impose”, expressed.

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