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Secuestran familia colombiana México intentaban llegar Estados Unidos

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A Colombian family fue secuestrada in Mexico, the place where they entered the national territory with the hope of joining the United States, where they wanted to start a new life. In keeping with the victims’ queried evenings, a 27-year-old woman moved up from her house in the company of her husband and her son, with her friends she wanted to go to the north front, but after that anyone could return to keep in touch with him.

According to the testimony of the family members, the women were contacted last night after November 15th, when they supposedly informed them that they were meeting there Mexico. However, after that call, I turned to knowing the women and the older man, so that those curious evenings began to worry.

The woman, her mother and her son have achieved the goal of joining the United States. Photo: cuartoscuro.

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Who knows about the Colombian family on the road in Mexico?

Late days, at the end of the week, the relatives of the victims received a telephone call, presumably made by elements of the organized crime, in which the interlocutors were assured to take secuestrados to the two women and the little ones. The supposed criminals wanted a millionaire sum of money to free them family Colombian, why the evenings queridos of both women decided to focus on communication mediums.

With the aim of giving it diffusion to their case, the family’s queridos listened to local radio stations, where they commented on how they had happened, emphasizing that the alleged kidnappers took money and money to apparently free the three people who were there secuestradas.

The family members of the victims received a call, through which they demanded money. Photo: pixabay.

What happened to the Colombian family who was sent to Mexico?

“The truth has passed practically 15 days without knowing it, we have come holding calls of extortion, our pedían plata. We have not fallen, because we do not care about the life of them, nor of anyone. They said that they were in Leidy, Santiago and Erika on the roads, they were asking for 5 million dollars in redemption”, reported the family member of the secuestrados.

Hasta ahora, los seres queridos de las victims they have not received new information about it Colombian familyfor what piden the apoyo of the authors Colombians to carry out a thorough investigation and meet with the parade of the disappeared, who will meet you there Mexico when they last contacted their family members.

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