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Sea train links to Mexico City: dates, routes, hours and prices

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There alcaldía de Tláhuac announced, in its social circles, a new navigation activity, ideal for children and adults to enjoy navigation and feel like they are at the North Pole. If it’s a tren navideño, which will be giving free rides to the hot tub. Next to it, there will be a beautiful villa for younger adults, while for adults there will be a bazaar with Mexican decorations, food and artesanías.

According to the information – shared by the authorities of the hotel – it is a completely free activity designed to ensure that residents of Tláhuac experience a pleasant rate in the company of their family members and queried evenings. Furthermore, the boat train is completely electric, which reduces its levels of contamination.

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It is operational from December 15th. Photo: alcaldía de Tláhuac.

What are the hours and hours of the train journey?

Currently, el tren navideño I’m giving you service. It will begin to operate after the 15th of December and will continue to operate until the 23rd of the same month. These items will only be made on the hot spot’s layout Tláhuac and during the journeys, visitors will pass by a wonderful view and luminous tunnels, where they will be able to take advantage of the lighting created by the series and ornaments of the lights.

However, after December 23rd, the train will visit distinct points of the city, passing through parks and residential buildings. El tren navideño It will be working until the 7th of June, but there will be no toast service on the night, it is decided on the 24th of December. Please note that the sea train will be running between 5pm and 10pm.

It is an activity for children and adults. Photo: alcaldía de Tláhuac.

What are the routes of the maritime train?

The routes from December 25th to December 7th are the following:

  • December 25: Territorial Coordination of the Sea
  • December 26: Territorial Coordination Zapotitla
  • December 27: Territorial Coordination Zapotitlán
  • December 28: Territorial Coordination Mixquic
  • December 29: Tetelco Territorial Coordination
  • December 30: Territorial Coordination Ixtayopan
  • 01 black: Territorial Coordination Santa Catarina
  • 02 black: Territorial Coordination Tlaltenco
  • 03 December: Unidad Habitacional “La Draga”
  • 04 December: Unidad Habitacional “Las Bolas”
  • 05 and 06 black: Explanation of the Alcaldía Tláhuac
  • 07 black: Parque de San José

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