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Se derrumba part building 6 pisos El Bronx New York

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Late this Monday, December 11th, it was reported derrumbe of a part of a building de six pisos en El Broxa state-of-the-art district located in New York. The first reports confirmed that it was a residential construction in Morris Heights, where a lot of vehicular traffic was generated due to the accident.

Bear in mind that at the moment, the authorities have not had the opportunity to know an official report regarding the possible number of injured or injured people. However, it was the New York Police and the Emergency Services that people would receive the register of the hecho by the middle of the alert line.

Who knows about the derumbe in the Bronx?

According to the first information that has circulated, el partial derrumbe of a building en The Bronx It was registered at 3.30am at the end of this month. Through the videos that have been distributed through the social media, it is possible to observe how the place where the scenes light up with large crowds of people present expresses their surprise.

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