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Save a woman and her two children who were lost in the Sonoran desert

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A woman and her two men were rescued by elements of her General Tax of the State of Sonora while they walked without rumbling through the desert of the state, whence they were abandoned by the coyote who brought them to the United States.

According to the report by the sound authority, the woman and her children, aged 8 and 3 years old, were abandoned to her mother, without food or water, in full desert Sound.

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“The action took place around the 15th of November in the desert area of ​​the Federal Highway 2, between Sonoyta-San Luis Río Coloradospecifically at the height of kilometer 179, where agents of the General Tax of Justice of the State of Sonora observed the three people walking.

“The woman walked in a disoriented way with the two minors in the middle of the dividing line between Mexico and United States. She identified herself as Fabiola ‘N’, aged 24, her children as Iker, aged 8, and Zulma, aged 3, all of Guatemalan nationality,” the annex detailed.

They walked now while walking without rumble

Fabiola “N” related to the authorities who, both in the family and others migrants who attempted to pass irregularly into the territory of the neighboring country, were abandoned without prior notice by their guides.

The family was moved to an albergue of the Instituto Nacional de Migración. Photo: Fiscalía General del Estado de Sonora

“The young mother said that they would bring up the redhead for five hours while walking through the desert, because they had been abandoned together with various migrants who were trying to cross the American Union. They were left without water, food and completely disorientated”, reported the Tax Agency.

To confirm your state of health, the woman and her two children were transferred to a hotel in the National Migration Institutelocated in the sound area of ​​San Luis Río Colorado.

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