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Sanjuana Martínez announces payment of liquidations of Notimex and accuses the union of being “corrupt”

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Translating the disappearance of the Mexican State News Agenda (Notimex), on exdirectora Sanjuana Martinez revealed the list of payments that were made with respect to the liquidation promised to the workers’ union who were kept in place where they reported names and assured that they would receive “Mother’s Day” bonuses without children.

The huelga of the workers’ union SUTNotimex It lasted 3 years as the government brought about the termination of the agency in 2023announcing that the payment and liquidation to the workers would take a year.

Follow the text:

The disappearance of Notimex begins: the government publishes the regulations to liquidate its employees

Notimex, another lost opportunity

In a message, Sanjuana Martínez that published in her story of

In its publication it was described that they were added to the payment storage space and in the end they took 13 million pesos based on the concept of “basic food canister”, considering that you were contemplating the value of at least 4 years.

Agreed that I have a concept of lenses and medicines and indicated that everyone counts with social security of the IMSSbecause this additional service of the contract was “in exchange of invoices.

List of workers who were liquidated. Photo: X @SanjuanaNews

“We don’t need a news agency”

The president Andrés Manuel López Obrador confirmed that the News Agency of the Mexican State Notimex will be connected to its termination, due to the fact that the government does not need a news agency that was from the official era.

In the morning conference National Palacethe attentive agent who is connecting to an agreement with the workers of Notimex, “since the truth is we do not need a news agency in the government, this was the era of the bulletins and the official or official press, but ya no hay eso”.

I will reiterate that it is an agency that does not fail the government, because this is where the morning conference is held, which impacts the population on a daily basis.

“Now that we both have a labor conflict,” he said.

I say that in the labor conflict of NOTIMEX, the topic was very polarized and there was one in favor or against the director of the Agency, the journalist Sanjuana Martínez.

“I consider her an intelligent, hardworking, good journalist, but many people think differently,” I said. She even did not refuse to invite her to work in another area of ​​the federal government.

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