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San Luis Potosí will have a cloudless morning today, February 24th

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Important cloud banks and the persistence of cloudy skies during practically the whole day will predominate in the territory of San Luis Potosi during the morning hours, I stay with him National Meteorological Service.

The first few hours in the Potosine region will be cold and cold, recording temperatures that range from five degrees to five degrees, with the potential to heat up in some areas of the country. Huasteca.

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Without embargo, no potential exists lluviasso the temperature will rise during the late hours, when the thermal sensation will become warm in some areas of the north of the region.

This climate will be replicated in older states New Leon, Tamaulipas y Coahuilawhere there is little potential for the presence of rain, although some precipitations may arise late.

Strong winds will be recorded in Baja California

A current in subtropical chorro will cause the presence of strong wind rakes in it Peninsula of Baja Californiawhere there will be winds of up to 60 kilometers per hour during the day.

El National Meteorological Service Also be alert to the possibility of being found in the Californian Sierras and a strong thermal sensation during the first few hours of the day.

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