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San Fernando Massacre: the day the narco organized the massacre for migrants in Tamaulipas

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One of them crimees which cometieron the people dedicated to narcotrafic who passed the front was known as there massacre de Tamaulipaswhat happened in the municipality of San Fernando on August 22, 2010. The perpetrators of the multi-homicide were identified as members of the police cartel Los Zetas.

The hitmen of Los Zetas acted against them migrants when they transit the ejido of El Huizachal of the municipality cited. In total there were 72 victims who only tried to reach the front with United States in search of the “American sue”, but on the path they were intercepted by the heads of the people who did not leave them.

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“La Jaki del Poniente”: the feared hitman who created public relations for the Zetas

“Comandante Bombón”, the jefa of Los Zetas who converted to despised women from Asesinas

The organized crime aimed at innocent migrants in Tamaulipas. Photo: Cuartoscuro / Illustrative

Have you been to San Fernando, Tamaulipas?

When the group of migrants was detained by the assassins of Los Zetas, they began to be questioned and subsequently attacked. The victims came mainly from Central and South America, in total there were 58 men and 14 women who were less than 150 kilometers from arriving at the border with United States.

Without embargo, the migrants were attacked by the sword when the narcos were shot in Quemarropa. Only some of the migrants survived the attack, informed by an informant from the Comisión Nacional de Derechos Humanos (CNDH), the corpses were left exposed to the elements.

“If they sat down by the shoulder and their bodies were piled up and abandoned to the elements, accelerating with the decomposition process”: CNDH.

72 migrants were abandoned by the sword. Photo: Cuartoscuro / Illustrative

The CNDH detailed the slaughter of the San Fernando: “The migrant people followed the streets through the cartel of Los Zetas and were kept in a ranch where, when they refused to work for the group, they were abandoned. At least two people survived, while an Ecuadorian who was injured by the bala in the jaw and pretended to be dead so that they wouldn’t kill him”.

Therefore, the CNDH issued recommendation 80/2013 which said: “Recommend it to the Procurador General of the Republic: instruct the person concerned to ensure that the necessary measures are taken so that the agents of that institution observe cabalidad the backs of the victims and offenders of the crime. If you practice all the diligence that is legal and materially necessary to ensure the historical truth of the facts.”

Some narcos were captured, among them a jefa of hitmen identified as Jaqueline López, alias “La Jaki del Poniente”, who was responsible for making public relations in the cartel with some authorities such as the police and other municipal officials.

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