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Samuel García reunited with his cabinet, who denied the same encounter to Luis Enrique Orozco

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Luis Enrique Orozco It was presented on December 3rd at the installations of the Government Palace of New Leon, where he intended to begin his functions as interim governor, where he would be elected by the State Congress before Samuel García’s graduation to be the presidential candidate Citizen Movement; Half of him was reunited with the members of the cabinet.

Without embargo, el deputy fiscal He found the doors completely sealed, opened them and assured the media he was looking for to the government secretary, Javier Luis Navarro, who was the intermediary to stop this situation. The reunion finally didn’t materialize, however Luis Enrique Orozco I say he’ll look for it legal form and administrative de get by on your functions.

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Samuel García reasumió su cargo as governor of New Leon, while Luis Enrique Orozco was appointed interim governor

The cabinet reunited with Samuel García. Credit: Twitter

Meanwhile, the government cabinet New Leon if reunited with Samuel Garciawho communicated to me that I would like to take up the cargo of the governor, to take into account the emergencies of the Supreme Court of Justicethose determined that they should not intercede in it change of stafeta.

“Today I reunited with the best cabinet of Mexico, the new New Leon. We follow IM-PA-RA-BLES”, were the words that the governor published in his social circles. The location of the meeting was still uncertain, but it was not inside the offices of the Government Palace.

Samuel García featured in a video that will take place in the year 2030 to seek the presidency of Mexico

At that meeting I was accompanied by my partner, the manager Mariana Rodríguez Cantúwhich also forms part of its government cabinet, as part of the Administrative Units, where it is the owner of the office “Amar in Nuevo Leon“, an honorary cargo.

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Mariana Rodríguez was also present at the meeting. Credit: Twitter

Samuel’s cabinet is made up of:

  • Treasury: Carlos Alberto Garza Ibarra
  • Security: Gerardo Saúl Palacios Pámanes
  • Education: Sofialeticia Morales Garza
  • Greetings: Alma Rosa Marroquín Escamilla
  • Igualdad and Inclusion: Martha Patricia Herrera González
  • Administration: Gloria María Morales Martínez
  • Medium Environment: Alfonso Martínez Muñoz
  • Contraloría: María Teresa Herrera Tello
  • Desarrollo Regional y Agropecuario: Marco Antonio González Valdez
  • Participación Ciudadana: Ximena Peredo Rodríguez
  • Economy: Iván Rivas Rodríguez
  • Trabajo: Federico Rojas Veloquio
  • Urban Movement and Planning: Hernán Manuel Villarreal Rodríguez
  • Culture: Melissa Denis Segura Guerrero
  • Tourism: Maricarmen Martínez Villarreal
  • Women: Graciela Guadalupe Buchanan Ortega

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