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Samuel García lashes out against the opponents in New Leon: “I will not give the government to the most common people”

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Samuel Garcia I made a new public appearance as the governor of New León, where he presented a supuesta card from the members of the PAN and the PRI with once petitioned points on board the cargo to obtain the presidential candidacywith the aim of not ascending with others from his parties as interim governor.

Samuel García reveals that he returned to power to avoid the law of opponents

Among the things that supposedly enlisted them, have questions on how to desist them denuncias who holds against my members of his parties; including security against the Ley Olimpiathe condonation of impuestos, and the imposition of personalities in positions of political importance. From there, I said, she refused to cum with him.

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Samuel García follows taking public acts. Credit: Cuartoscuro

If we are unaware of the procedure of this paper, or if it is true that it was sent by some of the members of the opposing parties, yet we referred to the members as onecorrientes“, and “the most common thing he has seen in his life”, the main reason for this regressed to return to asumir s functions of governor in the state.

“When at 11:55 in the night a minister says that the candidate of the PRIAN must enter, he says: ‘ni madres’, I bathe, I change, he tells Mariana that she will return, and I was to assume functions. No I want to give governance to the most common people of all Mexico, never. They go away. We go to save Mexico and the state. Here we have principles, we are incorruptible”, I say.

Arrest against the national leader of the PRI and Xóchitl Gálvez

Minutes later I looked back at the videos I loved Alejandro Morenonational leader of the PRI y Xóchitl Gálvez Ruiz, the presidential candidate of the coalition between the tricolor, the PAN and the PRD, ensuring that during the next elections she will not receive a vote in the ballot box.

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“As tenths in the ranch, a chillidos de cerdo, oídos de carnecero,” he cried. She also sent her a direct message to the candidate for the presidency. “You will follow us in the free caída because you are the worst candidate in the history of Mexico”

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