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Salary parity for deportees because of the controversy surrounding Mikel Arriola Senado

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Therefore, a decree has been adopted in the committees that will oblige all deporting organizations to follow a salary base for women and men in the sporting field, the president of Liga MX, Mikel Arriolafurther to the Senate de la República open the dialogue to analyze the topic. Previously, where the president of the Liga MX Women, Mariana Gutiérrez, sent a card to legislators in the country who called for an open parliament to expose their points of view on deportation matters and equal pay, before the risk of that women’s tournament if it was financially viable.

In this letter, the directive states that, to initiate the reform of the Federal Labor Law (LFT), the annual cost for the salaries de las jugadoras It would cost up to 273 million pesos, which would represent a increase from 43 to 191 million pesos that you are destined to pay sueldos de las deportistasthe one who would be “invitable” to the tournament and “will meet the dream of playing football of thousands of women. The cancellation of the Liga MX Women series one tragedy with an irrecoverable cost”, advirtió Gutiérrez Bernárdez.

The debate over equal pay for deportees is hot amidst the approval of a dictamen in committees of the Senate. Photo: Special

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Last night on November 15th, during the signing of an agreement between the Mexican Futbol Federation (FMF) and the Secretaría de Seguridad Ciudadana (SSC), Arriola Peñalosa he confirmed that he was accompanying the project to lose weight I seem to be in the sporting environment; without embargo, instó a legislators to open the dialogue regarding the salary gap between football players and players.

“Ayer hubo an aprobación de un dictamen. We send you ayer, o la Liga Femenil, Mariana Gutiérrez, sent ayer a card with a series of plans and we hope that starting from what has been discussed and aprobado this dictamen, and that is the legislative process, los senators and senators invite us to this topic of public policy that interests us greatly in bringing our experience to bear, explain what it is Women’s League and how can we now get to the good port”, he commented in the press conference.

Mikel Arriola at the conference to take the past miércoles. Photo: Captura de Pantalla

Directions last 7 months to address concerns

However, the request from the directors comes soon, according to the president of the Comisión para la Igualdad de Género, Malú Micher, I’ll make sure that after six months if they supported reunions and they have listened to all the voices, enough time for that much Mikel Arriola as Mariana Gutiérrez explains her anxieties. In addition, the senator spoke to the board of directors, who called her at night the day before the analysis of the reform to explain her inconformity.

“Compañera Mariana Gutiérrez, she has to be in the law, she cannot question the will of a women’s league. She is under the deportation law, but not under the federal labor law. We hope that we can reunite with a lot of gusto to receive her suggestions, but not like this. I want you to decide that there is no cabildeo like this how did he usted it. Don’t even stop me at 7 o’clock at night, Mikel Arriola, telling me that I’m not aware of this. Tuvieron April, May, June, July, August, September, October and November, 7 months and no six hours para sus observaciones” pointed out the moraine legislator.

FMF insists on engaging in dialogue

En tanto, a day later, Arriola Peñalosa he stated that “we shared the objective of the equal treatment of gamers and gamers, what we believe was an initiative that was dictated today in the commission”; however, he insisted that “what we are planning is that we are invited to this dialogue with the legislators”..

After the conference, the FMF sent out a press release in the one who called on legislators excuchar the plants of the League Female Before taking the dictamen to the full, you can “draw up the actions that allow the viability of equal pay for it deport of our country, we require joint work and the wrapping of all parts”.

FMF was pronounced following the approval of the dictamen regarding equal salary in professional employment. Photo: Facebook, @FMF

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