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¡Saca las cobijas! Activate the amarilla alert in six CDMX heaters at low temperatures

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The Secretariat of Integral Management of Risks and Protection Civil I informed you through a press release in your social networks that during this Saturday 18 November 2023, starting from 2:00 am late and until 7:00 am on Sunday, you will have bajas temperatures in the capital.

De acuerdo con las authorities, las alcaldias they will be more affected Alvaro ObregonCuajimalpa, Magdalena ContrerasMilpa Alta, Tlalpan y Xochimilco. There will be minimum temperatures ranging from 4 degrees to 6 degrees Celsius. This is not to say that you can feel cold throughout the capital.

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Tips to avoid the cold

In this sense, a total of four recommendations were made throughout the day, with the aim of protecting the cold population that is predicted:

  • Some malestar presents himself, he comes to the center of health most seek.
  • Use moisturizing cream to protect your skin from the cold.
  • Eat plenty of water, fruits and vegetables with vitamins A and B.
  • Lastly, avoid sudden temperature changes.

Cuídate respiratory illnesses in early periods

  • Use suitable clothing for the cold
  • Avoid entry of cold air to the respiratory tracts
  • How fruits and vegetables contain vitamins A and C
  • Try to breathe through your nose and not through your mouth
  • Don’t expose yourself to sudden temperature changes
  • Bring hot liquids to maintain your body temperature
  • Activities are carried out outdoors, cooked with tapaboca and buffalo

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