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Russian athletes can compete in the Olympic Games of Paris 2024: COI

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El Comité Olímpico Internacional (COI) ensured that Russian deportees and deportees will be able to participate in the next Olympic Games that are close to taking place in Paris. This decision that led me to return to the COI confirmed the medications that began within a year to reinstate Russia y Belarus, within the global deportation panorama.

This occurs in the next few months after which the sports governing bodies will be asked to find the way to allow the participation of sportspeople from these nations to compete on an individual basis. Similarity to the COI says that the athletes who are actively supporting it war against Ukraine no one will be told.

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Russia was selected for the entire competition in 2022. Photo: Captura de pantalla.

Russia continues to be vetted in joint competitions

The sanction that impusieron them in Russia ya Belorrusia at the end of February 2022, amidst the Russian invasion UkraineI reflected on the leaders of the COI and said that the deportees did not want to pay for their government actions.

It is because of this that the decision was made that the athletes could participate in the Olympics, but wearing a neutral flag, for which the certified athletes of these countries could not wear a flag, nor sing about it in the corresponding ceremonies.

At the moment only once “neutral” deportistas are classified for competition among the Russians and three Belarusians according to the IOC, for one of six Ukrainian deportistas.

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