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Russia welcomes the UN’s organic international conference on the Israel-Palestine conflict

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The jefe of Russian diplomacy, Sergei Lavrovcalled the miracles to United Nations to convene an international conference on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as the only possible way to resolve the crisis “para always”.

“The only possible way to solve this problem always and resolve it in the right way is to organize an international conference with the obligatory participation of the five permanent members of the Consejo de Seguridad de las Naciones Unidasof the League of Arab States, of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and of the Gulf Cooperation Council”, declared Lavrov to the press, after an intervention before the Russian senators.

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Accordingly, the UN must desempeñar “the paper key”.

“Do you know that the Secretary General of the UN, Antonio Guterres“It is capable of taking this initiative,” Lavrov said, reiterating his position of supporting the creation of a Palestinian state and pointing out that the “maintenance of injustice against the Palestinian people fuels powerful terrorist and extremist sentiments” in the region.

The General Assembly of the UN called on Tuesday “a step towards immediate humanitarian relief” in the Franja de Gaza who called it “hell on earth” because of the incessant Israeli bombings and because of the most difficult human conditions every day.

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