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Russia prohibits the LGBT+ movement and declares it an extremist organisation

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Russia announced that the LGBT movement+ will be considered as “one extremist organization“, an ultra-conservative decision with which Russian authorities could take legal actions against any group that defends the rights of people belonging to the community.

The extreme measure was announced by the judge of the highest jurisdiction of the country, Oleg Nefedov, who said that LGBT+ organizations will be classified as “extremists”, because of which he said “prohibit their activities in the territory of the Russian Federation”. The measure was announced before the local press and is expected to come into force “immediately”.

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The medicine came into force on November 30th. Photo: cuartoscuro.

Why did Russia ban the LGBT+ movement?

Accordingly, the activities that Russian authorities consider as “non-traditional” sexual preferences will be sanctioned by “extremism“, a crime that Russia is one of those who receive the most severe punishments in prison. Also to mention that the country has maintained extreme measures against the LGBT+ communityso that people who identify themselves as belonging to the community are expected to face heavy fines, but no prison sentences.

Now, the experts assure that it is not clear how the law will apply, and they mention that it could be applied in a “selective” way. Following the announcement, organizations in defense of human rights informed that tens of people pertaining to the LGBT+ communitythey have requested asylum to be able to abandon the country.

My members of the community can move up the country. Photo: cuartoscuro.

Putin steps up on lucha contra West

Please mention that it is not the first time that the president uses it, Vladimir Putin, defines conservative ideology and “traditional family values”. For one year or so, the Kremlin leader has backed up against the West, ensuring that his country is engaged in a battle against the rhetoric of the West. At the beginning of the year, the president of Russialaunched a law that prohibits state officials from using foreign languages, with the aim of protecting the Russian language from the influence of other languages, especially English.

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