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Russia launches powerful bombs against the Ukrainian capital

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El ruso army He brought a series of aerial attacks to the caboose Ukrainethrowing misiles contra Kievwhere at least one person died, and coup the eastern city of Járkov, where one death and 20 heridos were recorded. Air alerts were activated throughout the country due to the fear that Russian bombers would expect.

This latest surge occurs a day after the president uses it, Vladimir Putinamenazara by intensifying the attacks in Ukraine in retaliation by the previous bombardment of the Russian city of Belgorod on Saturday.

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30 people died recently

Russia launches a deadly attack against Ukrainian territory

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The mayor Vitali Klitschko he informed that at least one person would lose his life. Shortly before, the Ukrainian Air Force I sent an alert message on Telegram. “Kiev, they remain in their refuges. Many disasters go in their direction,” she said.

The military administration of the city ensured that fragments of misilis those killed by anti-aircraft defense have fallen in various districts of the capital, especially in residential areas.

Reported for at least 10 people in Kiev

Klitschko informed about numerous explosions in the city and said that so many people were injured in the district of Solomianski, in the fire of a building caused by an attack with missiles. A fire was also reported in a supermarket and a shop, she said.

Restos de misiles cayeron in residential areas of the cities. Photo: AFP

Tras estos ataques, las civil infrastructures and the residential buildings of four districts were cut off without electricity and the water minister was interrupted in some areas of the city, added Klitschko.

“Al least four bombards” struck the city Járkovin the east of Ukraine, leaving at least one person and calling on more than one person, he assured the head of the military organization, Oleg Sinegubov.

The bombings have intensified since the last few days. Photo: AFP

Apartment buildings of various floors and civil infrastructures they were damaged in the center of the city, following the same source.

Promise Putin to attack Ukraine with more force

A series of attacks with misilis launched by Russia against Ukraine caused the death of four hundred people and 25 people died the following day in a Ukrainian bomber against the Russian city of Belgorod, look for the frontera. As a reply, Putin promised to intensify his offensive in reprise.

Emergency services work in the removal of materials from the impact zone. Photo: AFP

“Let’s go to intensify our lives ataquesNo crime against civilians will go unpunished, that’s safe.

“We are using it precision weapons to attack decision-making centers, places where soldiers and mercenaries return, other centers of this type and, above all, military installations”, stated President Ruso during a visit to a military hospital.

At least one person died in the most recent places. Photo: AFP

Without embargo, Putin I considered that Ukraine He is not an enemy of his own and he accuses the West of using Kiev’s authorities to resolve its own problems with Russia.

With information from AFP

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