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Rumors, robberies, rumors and discrimination: doctor reveals the dark side of work in Only Fans

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The doctor Jovanna Ortega he became a viral person in the social circles because he was deprived of his work and suffered discrimination due to emprendimiento which came in his free time: create, publish and sell contents for the Only Fans platform.

Jovanna was 20 years old when she began her career in the container industry and services for adults as a masajist. You were working for a couple from where you would get the services; también it was part of a casa de citas whence ofrecía sexual servicesfrom a bar where she was an exotic dancer, but regrettably was the victim of abuse, which is why she decided to start on an independent career, as she wrote about it on Rachis Carrillo’s podcast on YouTube.

Jovanna worked as a massage artist in adult services. Credit: Rachis Carrillo Podcast

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When I worked it took very little entrances economical, the main reason why you are looking for these products. Accordingly, he was expected to pay between 800 million 2 million pesos diaries; when he started working in a manner independent therefore within 3 mil and los 4 million pesos per day. Thank you for this you can study to try to live this life. She devised medical school.

In 2014, approximately, I left Chambear as bailarina exoticacomenzó to sell sweets en la carrera of Medicine, and they also had a companion who helped them survive. He also can give it enganche of one home Thanks to your work in the adult industry. As part of her studies, she came to work in a hospital local.

As soon as she entered the factory, they told her that she had to maintain a bajo perfildon’t make much noise, and put her in a distinct area because there are people who supposedly don’t ask her to see her due to her passed how bailarina. One year after starting your jobs, it Recursos Humanos they sent her to the labor bag, and there they froze en sus activities.

The Rachis Carrillo podcast features testimonials from people linked to incredible work or experiences. Credit: Rachis Carrillo Podcast

A rumor said that the fault of the bass was because it was the model of OnlyFansthe application where men and women do is contained exclusive For their fans, even many people use them to load nakedyou have many other types of contents that do not have to be included with the contents melting.

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This brings the most problems to my family; including her hija I wanted to talk to her new friends because the husband’s family told her that she was sent by her to have Only Fans. Jovanna you have to start legal proceedings and to ensure that they treat you with dignity, you also need to get the right amount for your work. The process would continue continues por unjustified despise.

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