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Rubén Rocha Moya: this is the list of “tropiezos” and controversies of the governor of Sinaloa

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From the comments of Rubén Rocha Moya, governor of Sinaloafrom his perspective around the adictos, the red has traído de vuelta the various controversies that have defused the agent of Moraine. Most recently I was “trotted” about it According to government informationWhen he was reluctant to fight against addictions in the state, when he realized how to care for an adult guy, it is “worse” than keeping a guy with disabilities or a homosexual.

His statements provoked numerous criticisms in the contents of his digital platforms, but it was he denied ser homophobic. Through your official account Xhe detached the form in which his trajectory was focused on promoting the “respect for the diversity of the rights of the minorities”.

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Rubén Rocha denied being homophobic
PHOTO: Special

However, this is not the only occasion here Rubén Rocha He has been criticized for his ways of expressing or communicating with citizens.

Rubén Rocha offers protection to a sexual lover

During a press conference, a journalist asked the representative about the problem that arose in the Justice Center for Womenwhere a worker was accused of sexually assaulting his companions.

Before this, the official opted to reveal that he had offered him protection, always and when he did not repeat his attacks with his colleagues.

“You have the opportunity, go to a different place, I want to protect you, but I don’t want to have the same thing, because it was in the Justice Center,” he declared in a press conference

Rubén Rocha supports discussions with farmers and collaborators

Including, I replace a discussion with farmers of the state, those who want it I pay de sus things. During a meeting with the workers of the field. It ends up in a dispute with the president of the company Campesinos Unidos de SinaloaBaltazar Valdés Almentía, advised her that in case of those who do not receive their payments, they will return to manifest themselves, to what the Rocha Moya challenged them immediately.

Rubén Rocha has had several controversies during his management
PHOTO: Special

“Yes, come back when I give you the chance, I don’t think I’ll keep you happy” the agent replied.

On another occasion, the Chinese governor will display the integral items of his cabinet that do not have part of the work. When the Government of the State attended to plants in schools of Aguaruto y Antonio Toledo Corromade sure that I was not receiving the support I needed.

“Each school you know what we want to reverse and when we have to do it, but my officials don’t inform us, if they leave it at peace… we can’t help us resolve a complaint, yes, but inform them before the people. People go around and tell them that it’s planned, that we’re going to ask or we’re asking and we’re going to start this day, but they tell us that we have a plan.”

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