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Rubén Blades dedicates the song “Amor y control” to president AMLO, what is it about?

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Ruben Blades was el invited of honor of the Secretariat of Culture of the Government of the City of Mexico, and offered a concert to the Angel of Independence in front of thousands of people, in full Avenida Paseo de la Reforma, in company with his SALSA Y swing band.

In the middle of the concert he dedicated the theme “Love and Control” to the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO). During the night she welcomed her on a few occasions, but finally dedicated full verses to her at the end of the presentation. The people accompanied with palmas.

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Rubén Blades was the honored guest of the Secretariat of Culture. Credit: Cuartoscuro

Rubén Blades appreciates AMLO for his quest with his song “Amor y Control”, until he dedicates it

This is what says a little about the letter:

Even if you are a thief, and even if you are not right, I have the obligation to help you, and even more drugs you use and even more abuses, your family and we have to wait for you

It’s a song that’s as popular as a song himno to represent him family loveand of the depths that are them familiar lassos on some occasions. In a specific manner, of love so invaluable what they feel padres con sus hijos. The song portrays the advice that a father gives to a boy who seems to be included in every class of children, as well as bad steps in life, mainly the robo.

Only those who have children understand that the debt of a father is no longer there, that the love of father and mother cannot be reconciled, that we long for ourselves that which we are never afraid of, that to weigh the problems, family is family and cute is cute.

God a concert of three hours completely free before thousands of people. Credit: Cuartoscuro

AMLO was the first to make an impact with the song “Amor y Control”, I used it in the morning

Los guiños del Mexican president with the mentioned song you will come from now on for another time. It was in the month of April 2022 when he used her in one of her famous conferences “mañaneras“. according to AMLO, keep in mind what we are Mexicans and Latin Americans.

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“It talks about our idiosyncrasy, about how our people and families are, how solidarity is in families. It’s a beautiful song that makes young people like it”, argued the representative.

Also here is the response from the “Salsa poet” through the red social Twitter:

“Thanks to the President of Mexico for presenting and dedicating our theme AMOR Y CONTROL to the Mexican family. When I compose and write, I try to do it in a universal way, so that we can all be represented. ¡Much love and control in our homes!”

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