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Rosana suffered sexual violence and disappearance, they arrested her ex to lie “deliberately”

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Citizens of Argentina find themselves loved by it disappearance of a woman, who hasn’t seen her since the past few years. The victim of the case is Rosana Mabel Artigas, who was reported the day before victim of gender violence Part of his former team, he became the main suspect in the case and was arrested while the woman’s parader was announced.

According to the report from the family of the woman, last November 23rd Rosana went up from her house – located in the city of Plottier – to go to work, but never went to her family. The evenings queried by the victim informed that she had reported to her former partner for raping her, so the authorities reported him as her suspicious principal.

She was last seen on November 23rd. Photo: @AM550LaPrimera

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What if you know about the case?

After the disappearance of the woman, a man identified as José Andrés was detained; the man must spend a month in preventive detention, until he realizes what happened to the victim. The Fiscalía imputed to the suspicious por to lie deliberately to the authorities, who did not admit having seen Rosana on the day of her disappearance, which turned out to be false, and who a security camera caught the suspect in the wife’s house on the day of them.

“In this story it is evident that Fernández mintió. He said he hadn’t seen her since the 19th and they had cameras, phones and messages that they were showing off. You also said that on November 23rd you didn’t go to Plottier. We understand that his conduct must be classified as the perpetrator of the crime of false witness because I spoke in a deliberate manner”, explained the Fiscalía that deals with the case of Rossana.

The family of the woman is the one who stands out in this case. Photo: cuartoscuro.

Where is Rosana?

Now, no information about Rosana’s parade, the authorities have shared on the search card, from which they point out that the woman is of robust context, of dark hair and dark eyes; Also, she is 1.52 meters tall and has short, dark hair. Persons who have information that helps them contact the woman’s parade can contact them on 299 5312394 or 299 4933198.

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