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Rosa Icela Rodríguez: 6 new hospitals of the ISSSTE will attend more than 6 million derechohabientes

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Rosa Icela Rodríguez Velázquez, secretary of Citizen Security and Protection, informed that as part of the project of the new Instituto de Seguridad y Servicios Sociales de los Trabajadores del Estado (ISSSTE) six new hospitals are being built. At the morning meeting, they were informed that there will be 940 new eligible homes and they will benefit from up to 6 million derechohabientes.

Before the president Andrés Manuel López Obradorit is noted that it is returned to the institute of pre-existing abandonment, dismantling and corruption, to thus recover the capacity for care and self-sufficiency of medical services to guarantee the health of deprived people.

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President López Obrador works in the hands of the ISSSTE.
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The secretary manifested that now greater attention is paid to the public, the complete and appropriate administration of medicines is guaranteed, progress is being made in the development of the medical plant and the medical units are equipped with instrumental equipment of the latest technology.

In a video, it was announced that from 2022, 6 new hospitals will be built which will be completed next year.

In the case of Regional Hospital de Torreón Coahuila will tend to 250 payable camas and work advances of 62.3%; el Hospital Regional de Tlajomulco Jalisco will tend to 250 camas and will be ahead by 51.2%; and the general hospital of Tampico, Tamaulipas holds advances 48.5% and 150 camas.

Currently there is an open invitation for doctors to work at the ISSSTE.
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Además, la clínica hospital de Cabo, San Lucas will tend to 20 payable camas and advance 54.1%; the clinic hospital de Palenque, Chiapas will tend to 20 days with advances of 49.7%; y el Hospital Regional de Acapulco, Guerrero It holds advances of 20.4% and will have 250 camas.

Pedro Zenteno Santaelladirector general of the ISSSTE, detailed that the institute has 11 million 570 spaces available, of which 7 million 212 spaces have been allocated.

“Of them there are 955 specialists in the medical branch, 720 in the nursing branch 3 million 233 and operatives 2 million 304. Of those assigned to Covid there are 2,425, we are appointing in 28 entities and represents an advance of 62% of the assigned areas and with respect to the past month, we are increasing our revenue by 10% more than 700 newly designated plazas,” he said.

I am informed that on November 29th the invitation to nominate places to these six medical units for specialists, gynecologists, internal medicine doctors, geriatricians, biomedics, operating personnel, specialist nurses and general nurses.


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