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Rinden homenaje to asesinados policías during an ambush in Fresnillo

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The government of Zacatecas sent a posthumous home order to the director Antonio Soledad Pérez y to the official Gerardo Aquino Martínezarrested during an ambush late in the year at a crossroads in the municipal area of ​​Fresnillo.

The ceremony was private due to the solicitation of the families of the victims and was carried out in the facilities of the Municipal Public Security Directorate of Fresnillo, where Soledad Pérez I was at the front for the middle of the year, as Rodrigo Reyes, general secretary of government of Zacatecas, explained: “Well, the family of personnel, of the police officers who have decided that it will be a ceremony at Puerta Cerrada, today we want to honor them to those comrades who on the day of ayer sadly lost their lives in this attack”.

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Give honor to the fallen police
PHOTO: Special

Family members and friends remember Antonio Soledad

Family members and friends sought the asesinated director to complain about the crime perpetrated by delinquency and recognize the involvement of Antonio Soledad I look para la pacification de Fresnillo: “A man full of conviction, a man without whom he could not explain the recent liberation of at least 15 secuestrados, is, with this special training that you worked in Ciudad Juárez, the Valle de Mexico, in Waterfall, Capable of special abilities, he was a man who was proud of himself, with whom he had a lot of pleasure in working, and many of those who knew him in Fresnillo knew that he was part of this solution, that he was a man who could not be bought”, manifested Simitrio Quesada, friend, look for the asesinado director.

Antonio Soledad was recognized for his fight against insecurity
PHOTO: Special

Este viernes fue strengthened there security in Fresnillo and pudieron observe special agents of the Army y de la Navy Secretary operatives to talk to those responsible for the double murder: “In these moments it must be made very clear, the municipal police is stable, the situation inside the corporation is stable, the official order of the same orders allows the second on board if he takes on the responsibility of leadership, so that the general mayor, the secretary of public security decides who will be the new director of municipal politics in Fresnillo, because how he came to work was precisely in a joint manner within the governance of the state and the municipality”, added the government secretary Rodrigo Reyes.


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