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Reyes Rodríguez Mondragón will not resign as president of the Electoral Tribunal

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El actual presiding magistrate of the Tribunal Electoral del Poder Judicial de la Federación (TEPJF)Reyes Rodríguez Mondragón I announced that I will not give up on my cargo and will ask for a statement “to overcome differences”.

Through a card that was shared in his social circles, Rodríguez Mondragon god to know the decision that is made in the context of the request for renunciation of the magistrates who conform to this institution. His asymmetry signaled that he will convene to a public session to consider his permanence in the Presidency of the Tribunal.

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Chaos en TEPJF; magistrados desmienten a president sobre solicitud de renuncia

The comparison in the TEPJF is worth considering

I suggest that by virtue of your obligation and commitment to the highest judicial body in electoral matters, it is your purpose to follow by fomenting an exchange that allows you to build the consensuses necessary to overcome all the differences.

“I firmly believe that we must continue with this path, where the best way to address differences is to resolve them jointly, with legal rigor and in a direct manner, dear to society,” he indicated.

Magistrados desmienten a president sobre solicitud de renuncia

In the past few years, the three judges Mónica Soto, Felipe de la Mata and Felipe Fuentes, solicited in the public session of the Superior Hall of the Electoral Tribunal, the renunciation of Reyes Rodríguez from the presidency of the TEPJF. However, the solicitation was queried in vain due to Reyes and the magistrate Janine Otalora they broke the session deadline to process the waiver request.

Following Rodríguez Mondragón’s message, the TEPJF magistrates Mónica Aralí Soto FregosoFelipe Alfredo Fuentes Barrera y Felipe de la Mata Pizaña, they shared a paper that was sent to the president regarding the request for renunciation. The magistrates were made aware that the administrative charges – mentioned by the president – do not form part of the arguments to explain the loss of confidence that they have within the tribunal.

They ensured that the reason for the president’s resignation is because “Reyes Rodríguez has shown weakness in the management of this institution which is of vital importance for the democratic stability of the country. His decisions require accountability and that in his functions he has some interests ajenos at the tribunal. In his desempeño in front of the Superior Hall, among other situations, he has undermined the organic structure of the General Secretary of Acuerdosposing the good functioning of the legal area that allows each of the decisions that are adopted in this tribunal”, they explained.

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