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Rey Carlos III has prostate cancer, announces Buckingham Palace

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The Buckingham Palace announced – this Monday 5th February – that the king Carlos III was diagnosed with cancertrans someterse to one Hospital intervention for benign enlargement of the prostate. After receiving an official communication, shared among social circles, the monarch began to receive regular treatment.

“During the recent hospital intervention of the king for a benign enlargement of the prostate, another reason for concern was observed. Posterior diagnostic tests have identified a form of cancer“, informed the Buckingham Palace. The text added that the monarch will possibly postpone his public obligations, but will continue to attend to the state’s obligations and official channels.

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El Rey Carlos III is interned in hospital for prostate surgery

King Carlos III will be treated for a prostate problem next week, Buckingham announces

Photo: @RoyalFamily.

Rey Carlos III received medical attention for prostate cancer

“The majestad has just started a program treatments regulars, during which the doctors advised her to postpone her obligations to the public. Your Majestad will continue to raise the state’s assumptions and official contacts with normality”, revealed the Buckingham Palace.

Apparently, el diagnostic if in the right form, then the monarch’s medical team toasted her with a quick intervention: “the king welcomes his medical team for rapid intervention, which was possible thanks to his recent hospital operation”. Currently, el king Carlos III If you are in the process and “hope to return to your full public role as soon as possible”, add the text.

Photo: @RoyalFamily.

Finally, the Buckingham Palace heard that King Carlos III decided to publicize his diagnosis with the hope of helping all the men who suffer from cancer in the world. “On your Majestad you have decided to share your diagnostics to avoid speculation and with the hope that you can help the public understanding of all those affected by cancer throughout the world,” it reads in the text.

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