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Rescatan the 41 objects caught 17 days in a tunnel in India

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The 41 soldiers who had been trapped since 17 days ago in a tunnel in India were saved by a group of rescuers who had not stopped working to free the workers who were buried in the collapse of the structure.

After 17 days, the soldiers were trapped in a tunnel, and after a large and difficult operation to save them, the first rescue was carried out this morning, where now the rest of the soldiers were rescued, according to the local outlet quoted by the AFP agency.

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How was the rescue of the captives captured in India?

The news agency Press Trust of India reported that the first man had been rescued, and AFP reporters there saw ambulances coming up the tunnel entrance which collapsed and were caught by the traffickers.

The Indian Minister of Transport, Nitin Gadkari, confirmed that the officers caught in the tunnel that ran down the Himalayas in northern India were rescued at the edge of a major operation on Tuesday 28 November.

“I am totally relieved and happy by the success of the 41 workers of the Sylkiara tunnel”, stated the minister, Gadkari in a press release. The outcome was the “coordinated efforts of numerous agencies, in one of the largest rescue operations of the last few years”, he added.


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