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Reporting of microseisms in the city of Mexico

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Dos microseism they were detected by sensors located in distinct locations in the city of Mexico. Due to their research and intensity they did not deserve the activation of the seismic alert, they reported the authorities.

The first of the stars, with a magnitude of 2, occurred at 3:55 am on this December 28th. According to the National Seismic Service, the epicenter is located in the Magdalena Contreras alcaldía.

Following reading:

Microseism occurred on CDMX today December 26th

Microseism is registered every day in the Magdalena Contreras mountain

If a microseism was recorded in the CDMX, it was magnitude 1.1 in Magdalena Contreras

The second lesson was given to the capitals, at 4:13 am, the epicenter above Álvaro Obregón, in the vicinity of Avenida Río Mixcoac. In this incident, the magnitude observed by the monitoring systems was 1.7 degrees.

According to the authorities, until now no infections have been reported in the city of Mexico, although the in-depth evaluation is being carried out by the capital’s emergency services.

Report the perception of the earthquake above the CDMX

Both telephone movements were registered on the south side City of Mexicowhere some users of social networks shared their experiences before microseisms.

Inhabitants of the alcaldías Benito Juárez, Coyoacan, Álvaro Obregón y Magdalena Contreras they reported having heard small movements, even without major consequences.

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