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Reporting a death by fire in Ecatepec, calls consumed taller of canvas: VIDEO

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The night of this Saturday, December 23rd, at one hour from there Nochebuena, it is registered in the municipality of Ecatepec a fierce fire who consumed a taller of canvases located there Polígonos III colonywhere they brought bomber bodies and emergency elements.

Reports de Civil Protection They indicate that the fire remains active due to the material that is inside the site. They urge the population to remain alert to the area while the volcanoes carry out maneuvers to suffocate the calls that have climbed to a considerable altitude.

Follow the text:

After gas explosion in the Valle, Civil Protection confirms 80 lives damaged

Tabasco authorities report that the explosions in a Villahermosa market were caused by “exploited men”

Inhabitants of the colonies aldeñas to the left, across social networks, have shared small clips from which the intensity of the calls is observed. It has transcended into the means of communication that through the fire if the report of a fallacious person is kept within the enclosure.

Bombers piden to the citizenry tomar conciencia

In recent days, the official Civil Protection Department of Ecatepec has urged the population not to take heat or fire in the last few Decembers, as a fire that was out of control can cause severe casualties. The emergency telephone numbers are the following: 55 5116 44-15 and 16.

The person affected by the calls is located between the streets of Cenzontle and Armadillo, where some vecinos around 7.30 am called an emergency call before a fire that was consuming the person, as well as being coordinated to help fight the fire.

Last Saturday, a fire was also reported in the municipality of Tlalnepantla, where a gymnasium was consumed by children in the Jorge Jiménez Cantú colony. Also I say why if you have a red balance, only the lost materials of the site.

Explosion in the Valley has affected 80 lives

This time the surface of the city of Mexico was marked by a explosion resulting from an accumulation of gas in a life of the Del Valle colony, which gave a balance to a woman from the third and a fallecidal life to pass between the escombros and one of the 80 affected lives.

The accident of which the Fiscalía of the City of Mexico opened a carpet of investigation, occurred in the Colonia del Valle of the Benito Juárez hothouse, looking for the 19:20 hours of the past day and occasions that in the area of Ángel Urraza and Calle de Providencia 1017 The old people were alarmed when they heard the explosion and heard it sound like a micro-earthquake, then they counted their tests.

Before that, the authorities began with the emergency protocols to safeguard the lives of the elderly people in the homeless homes, first with the recommendation to cut off the gas minister to avoid a tragedy mayor.

With information from Aline Nicolás

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