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Report various photos from a shop in a Florida shopping center in full view of the sea

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Various people were reported to have been hurt this Saturday during what according to the authorities is an “active shooting” situation in a shopping center Florida. Ahead of the emergency, the Ocala Police Department indicated that it was responding to a riot in the building known as the “Paddock” in Ocala, located 128 kilometers (80 thousand) northwest of Orlando.

Subsequently, the police informed the community that the suspect was safe and that the shopping center was being evacuated. They were noticed by people who were not in the area while the uniforms carried out security and operational attacks on the elders of the site.

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In terms of shooting and emergencies, the Mexican Consulate located in the city of Orlando has made available to the national community the emergency protection telephone of the Consulate +1 (407) 409-4209 and the CIAM +1 (520) 623-7874.

Customers of the shopping center spread moments of Tiroteo

On platforms such as Twitter and Facebook I began to spread a video of a user who met in the house, but in the following steps the exchange of shots began. In the images it is important to note that the woman was circulating inside a commercial store when the explosions were ready.

Moments of panic and terror are experienced in the Paddock shopping centre, including, in the clip of young people, when the desperate grits of local workers and customers are heard, who decide to leave the ground and look for a safe area free from impacts of fire weapon.

It is hoped that in the next few hours the North American authorities will provide more information regarding and confirm the number of wrongful people. Until the moment the commercial vehicle has been agreed upon, the elders will be greeted by the presence of dozens of official vehicles.

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