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Report slow movement at Metro Line A stations

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The first day after the return of the December holidays was chaotic for us Collective Transport Systemfaults and failures may have been reported on three of the red lines that connect to the City of Mexico.

The most recent reports were sent from there Line Awhich connects the stations Pantitlan y La Pazwhere tens of users reported that they had no service after 11.15 pm, minutes before the end of the service.

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“A review is carried out in the street area of ​​the Line A, because the march is slow. Soon the circulation will normalize. Allow the free locks of the doors, as you descend from the carriage before entering”, signaled the Metro on its X count.

Following the publications of users of the red, in the stations Los Reyes y La Paz On this line some of them were abandoned by the trains, while the authorities suggested that they look for other transport alternatives.

Report failures on lines 7 and 12

On a particularly chaotic day, there were also delays recorded hours before lines 7 and 12 of Collective Transport Systemthese causes annoyance among the users of this mobile alternative.

The review of a train on Line 7 caused delays in the service. Photo: Special

In the case of the Line 7which transcurre entre Barranca del Muerto y El RosarioPlease note that, due to the inspection that you are on a train, before 7:00 pm, the circulation on this route will be slow.

“The circulation of trains in the area is made easier Line 7, after carrying out a train review. Allow the free locks of the doors, as well as descending from the carriage before entering”, wrote the Collective Transport System.

During the middle of the day, a review of the electrical system between the stations Zapata y Peripheral East de la Line 12 caused that said stations were closed, establishing a provisional service with RTP buses.

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