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Report new Covid-19 virus that could infect thousands of people in Navidad

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A new cepa of the COVID-19 You may infect thousands of people during the navigation period, but if you are afraid that you may have a new mutation en la cepa JN.1 that it would still be more contagious throughout the era frio which is suitable for respiratory illnesses to spread more easily.

It would be a subvariant of the recipe Pirola the variant of the coronavirus that was first detected last month in July in a patient living in Denmarksee what changed in there subvariant BA.2.86 which also appeared in August to a person infected there Single Kingdom.

In the cold period, cases of Covid-19 and other respiratory illnesses are increasing. Photo: Archive

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What is the cause of Covid-19 that will change again?

The professor of innate immunity at Cambridge University, Clare Bryant, he assured that the BA.2.86 strain “will probably convert to the most common variant”, I said quoted by Skynews, considering that the strain currently only represents the red of the 13th for hundreds of cases of contagion.

In this way the JN.1 strain is considered a subline of BA.2.86 Omicron which contains a mutation in the Covid-19 peak protein. Scientists reported the latest genomic sequence of the virus until November 5th, in which they discovered that the EG.5.1 virus was the predominant variant in the United Kingdom, one of the first countries to record Covid-19 infections, and which was again of the first ones huéspedes to keep the contagions of the new subvariant.

Three years after the outbreak of Covid-19, the contagions continued. Photo: Archive

Similarity, Clare Bryant recorded that JN.1 some “interesting” variations that had not been seen since the Alpha and Beta variants in 2020 and 2021, although she emphasized that contagions had not yet been presented with the new subvariant of the type, she confirmed that There are indications of great possibility that the immunological system will be eliminated easily.

“The change in the small protein will probably correlate with how bad it is. And that’s what has caused us the most problems so far, because you can’t control something that is so bad,” said the Cambridge University professor. .

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