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Report exaggerated public transport costs in Acapulco so you can avoid it

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When “Otis” touched earth on the coasts of Acapulco as category 5, the inhabitants of the 47 municipalities which turned out to be affected and were declared as disaster zones, they were left to imagine that the consequences would extend over days, a situation which was aimed at complicating basic care to get the daily life out of the way.

One of the situations that affect the lifestyle of the inhabitants of Guerrero This is the issue of the cost of public transport, as in the social circles, users have denounced the exaggerated increases that have annoyed some units of the transport en the area.

“Otis” destroyed one of the most visited tourist sites in Mexico. Photo: Archive

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What is the public transport passage in Acapulco?

Los users They denounced the drivers of urban vehicles, collective taxis and urban trucks they have increased the costs of pass to drink your service inside public transport. On Tiktok, the users of the transport pusieron como ejemplo un increment en el cost of passage.

They indicated that at a distance “advanced from the avenida costera Miguel Alemán to the Coloso area” a journey that cost more than 20 pesos, they now offer it for 30 pesos. Asymism, expusieron que los urban trucks The cost of the Zapata and Renacimiento route increased from 12 pesos to 20 pesos and only goes to “the top”.

The cost of travel in Acapulco increased. Photo: Cuartoscuro

Previously, citizens turned to government authorities to help them dialogue with the leaders of the public transport so that you need to increase it cost of passage. According to the public transport officials, they argue that the increase in the cost of passage This is due to the fuel supply and the few transport units that were in operation.

How to avoid having more covers in public transport?

To avoid the drivers of the public transport abused at the rates, those affected can report the bad practices to the secretariat of the Technical Commission for Transport and Vialidad which places the attention number at their disposal: 747 183 8424

“S denuncias you can do so by calling or sending messages via WhatsApp to +52 747 183 8424 and/or by sending an electronic message to: [email protected]”, indicated the transport and vialidad secretariat.

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