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Report bad air quality in the Valle de México, so avoid activities in the open air

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There is bad air quality in there Metropolitan Area of ​​Valle de México summer December 24thinformed el Atmospheric Monitoring System by sus social redes and on the web page for what I alerted you to population to stay alert and take precautions.

Until 08:00 this Sunday, in the municipalities of Coacalco, Tlalnepantla and Tultitlán the air quality is poor and the risk of health is high. In the rest of the Metropolitan Area it is acceptable to good and the risk is moderate to low, notified the account of X @Aire_CDMX.

Please take precautions Photo: Calidad el Aire

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Reporting bad air quality in the Metropolitan Area of ​​Valle de Mexico

The capital annex reported that in the area of Villa de las Flores you have 107 points de ozone and the level of achievement is high, also exhortó to the people who live in these municipalities affected by:

  • Sensible groups: avoid physical activities outdoors
  • For all people: reduce vigorous physical activities to free air
Allow the population to reduce vigorous physical activities outdoors Photo: Cuartoscuro

More to the people avoid the question of pyrotechnics and fogatas in Navidad

The Environmental Commission of the Megapolis (CAMe) in coordination with the Secretaries of the Middle Environment of the Governments of the City of Mexico (SEDEMA) and of the State of Mexico (SMAyDS) inform that, between the months of December to February, the contaminants ( in particular particles PM10 and PM2.5), increase in concentration compared to the rest of the year, due to lower temperatures and the presence of a greater number of thermal inversions which favor fatigue and avoid the dispersion of particles.

This is where particulate emissions occur, which are generated by the question of pyrotechnics, the flames with firewood or flashlight, carried out at Christmas holidays, which causes the deterioration of the quality of the air, and with frequency, which is Decrees atmospheric atmospheric contingency in the Metropolitan Area of ​​Valle de Mexico (ZMVM).

According to the Instituto Nacional de Salud Pública (INSP), the presence of these parts harms the health of the population, and in particular the vulnerable groups (children, embarassed people, major adults and people with respiratory illnesses). When exposed to and breathing contaminated air, symptoms appear, such as irritation in the eyes, nariz and garganta; head pain and allergic reactions; as well as infections of the upper respiratory tract; acute ischemic events (heart attacks), and treatment of asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (EPOC), among others.

Therefore, urge citizens to avoid pyrotechnics and fire during this Christmas and use alternatives to celebrate without contamination. In the midst of which we all participate, we will protect everyone’s health and be able to help us maintain good quality air in the ZMVM.

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