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Reopening of the elevated section of Line 12: amidst anxiety, doubts and resumption of new travel on the Metro

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“Help the people, help the people!”, was the first thing Carlos asked on the night of May 3, 2021, when a corner of the high school section Metro Line 12 I dropped off right away with a convoy that ran from the Tezonco station to Olivos, leaving a balance of 26 deaths and a hundred years of deaths.

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Reabren Metro Line 12 between 2 years 8 months closed

It is a late black cloud to the east of the city of Mexico, and while the 19-year-old youth platica on witness, the sound of the construction machinery and the large lines of traffic on Tláhuac Avenue, act as a backdrop for the banderazo of reopening of the elevated section of the name “Dorada Line”.

The Technical Assor Committee determined in its evaluation based on the actual construction regulations
Photo: Cuartoscuro

Between two years and eight months of hope, the stations of Tezonco, Olivos, Nopalera, Zapotitlán, Tlaltengo and Tláhuac come and open your doors to the public.

The reopening of the Metro will benefit local commerce

Carlos works as a despatcher in a taco place, just facing away from where the collapse happened. He says that the door of the building felt like a mini thunder, that he immediately rose to see what had happened and that day he observed dozens of people trying to help the train passengers. “That’s something that will never forget me, but solidarity has always been present,” he added.

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Expansion of Metro Line 12 is a success; You will connect to Mixcoac with Observatorio

Explains the reopening of the elevated section Metro Line 12 it will benefit the local trade, due to which the influx of people will increase and consequently the winds. At the train station above he is afraid of being subjected to the train, he keeps it a negative response.

Avenida Tláhuac suffers from congestion along the road to construction
Photo: Alfonso Soltelo / Heraldo Digital

“From a principle, we all know that the surface of the area is complicated, even here it was a lake, it is not easy to build. Now we just need to follow our ways and trust that the material we used for strengthening will work correctly”, he declared the young seller in interview with El Heraldo Digital

Revela que las ventas You can’t stop yourself for a minute longer. Together with his family they came out of a Covid-19 pandemic that the children were detained for less than two months due to the health crisis. Hey, he comments, just what to continue working on to save the daily gas.

“Before it took me 3 hours to get to the center, I would use the elevated door”

One meter away, on the same road that connects the south with the east of the great metropolis, lies María Cristina Mendoza, 55 years old, who dedicates himself to selling sweets on his tricycle outside the Tezonco station. Unlike the silent youth, she retired on that day approximately to the 8 of the night, just two hours before the tragedy.

“I don’t want you to decide that I don’t care, but let us be honest, when it’s your turn, you’re out of your house. It’s the same necessity that makes us move around to want to use Line 12 “, comments María Cristina, a retailer with 23 years of experience

The need for a mobility option is what makes the inhabitants willing to suffer at the Metro
Photo: Cuartoscuro

Doña “Cris”, as I know her cute there Buena Suerte colony, Remember that while the Metro wasn’t working, you left to go to the CDMX Center, where you got your merchandise. You make sure that a journey that now takes 40 minutes will take 3 hours before. “I’ll use the golden line, it’s a great transport and I like it, it’s a flight whether you want to go or not”, she finishes.

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Victims on Metro Line 12 have received more than 5 mdp as free

“I’m safer in the Metro than when I’m taking the microbuses”

For Montserrat Hernández, 25 years old, using the trucks or microbuses of Avenida Tláhuac is felt in danger. She celebrates that the high ceiling came to open its doors and that she considers it a safe space for the thousands of women who move from the heart of the capital city to areas like Tláhuac, Xochimilco and Iztapalapa.

“The danger is always latent, so it’s something that keeps you accustomed to. But on a personal level, I like using the Meter more than going through life with friends, even those who spend their time looking for ‘carreritas’ for ganar el pasaje”, comments the jelly seller to El Heraldo Digital

Retailers welcome the opening for a possible increase in sales
Photo: Cuartoscuro

The recovery of Metro Line 12 was carried out by a team of structural engineers. The Technical Assor Committee determined in its evaluation based on the actual construction regulations. The project included the repair of the collapsed section, the strengthening of a 6.7 kilometer high section of the corridor and the columns of the structure.

The life of the inhabitants of Tláhuac must continue to live with the memory and the latent pilgrim. It will be a long night, full of nostalgia and indignation for one of them suburbs of the CDMX.

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